Class 8

Class 8

  • Age appropriate
  • Uncommon Activities
  • Teacher-Learner friendly
  • Recyclable / Biodegradable materials are encouraged
  • Attractive colorful easily understandable animations
  • Content designed by highly experienced ( 15 year experienced) teacher of primary wing

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What All We Have For You – Physics

Students will be learning how different musical instruments produce sound. They will gain the knowledge of different types of friction and factors affecting friction. They will make some simple devices for the measurement of force and pressure. They will be knowing about the solar system and also about the types of motion different planets exhibit. They will be having a better understanding of phenomenon of light like multiple reflection and dispersion with the help of these simple activities.

What All We Have For You – Chemistry

Students will be learning how the water absorption capacities of synthetic fibres vary. They will be acquiring the skill to identify and classify fibres by the burn test. They will be gaining the knowledge of rusting process. They will be learning about single displacement reactions and the reactivity of metals. They will be learning the concept of electrical conductivity and the process of electroplating in detail. They will be made aware about the process of combustion and the concept on which fire extinguishers work. They will be gaining the knowledge of the characteristics of luminous and non-luminous zones of candle flame. They will be gaining an understanding of how fossilization occurs. They will also be replicating the conditions of coal formation. The will be gaining the knowledge of destructive distillation of coal. They will be acquiring the knowledge about acid rain and the cause-effect relationship of acid rain. They will be understanding how the greenhouse effect works.

What All We Have For You – Biology

our subsequent round the year activities will inspire the grade 8 students to protect and appreciate the value of natural resources; this unique adolescence period would be more fun filled and away from myths by studying case studies ; helping them to build reproductively a healthy society ; development of interest towards microbial world and importance and scope in future research.

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