Class 6

Class 6

  • Age appropriate
  • Uncommon Activities
  • Teacher-Learner friendly
  • Recyclable / Biodegradable materials are encouraged
  • Attractive colorful easily understandable animations
  • Content designed by highly experienced ( 15 year experienced) mentors of primary wing

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What All We Have For You – Physics

Students will be learning about standard and non – standard units of measurement. They will be able to do very small measurements like thickness of a page, coin etc. They will be making some simple electric circuits to test for conductors and insulators. They will be learning how to make a pinhole camera to prove rectilinear propagation of light. They will be gaining knowledge about floating magnetic compass and methods of magnetisation too.

What All We Have For You – Chemistry

Students will be learning about the properties of miscibility, transparency of objects in detail. They will also become capable of classifying objects around them on the basis of these properties. They will be understanding the features of different sized filters in the process of filtration of dirty water. They will be gaining the knowledge to apply multiple techniques of separation for a given mixture and practically achieving separation of constituents of a mixture. They will also be acquiring the skill to classify changes on the basis of physical and chemical changes. They will be experiencing firsthand the theory of expansion phenomena in gases. They will be made aware of the composition and properties of air. They will be becoming competent in the concept of evaporation and condensation on a molecular level along with the effect of temperature on the rate of evaporation.

What All We Have For You – Biology

our subsequent round the year activities will inspire the grade 6 students to respect nature and food resources, more health conscious by knowing more in details about food nutrients. how to keep our body fitter by the knowledge of bones and muscles, care to maintain the environmental balance.

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