Miss Viri e-Mentor

In this hullabaloo of the modern world, everything is in a state of flux. Gone are the days of passive learning that encouraged a child to learn by rote and commit every data to memory. Experiential learning aided with the spirit of enquiry and research are the prerequisites of a scholar in 21st century. VIRI was born out of this very need of the hour. In this age of digital revolution, VIRI aims to revamp the attitude towards Science to help the young minds keep pace with the changing paradigms of education. Bold, progressive and an interactive medium of emboldening the scientific temperament, VIRI believes in unfurling the true genius that lies within each child. The symbiosis of interdisciplinary approach and a plethora of hands-on activities makes VIRI stand head and shoulders above its competitors.

Upholding the outlines of progressive education (as chronicled in NEP 2020), VIRI embodies an initiative to empower gen Z to pursue the exciting vistas of Science with renewed vigour. From kindling the spirit of enquiry and research at the formative stages to broadening the intellectual horizon through a wide array of fun-filled activities, VIRI aims to transcend the paradigms of textbook learning and actively engage the learners in practical applications. Encapsulating a series of composite Science activities for grades 1-5 and 6-8 (as recommended by various boards of education), VIRI intends to sensitize the young minds towards Mother Nature and educate them on their responsibility towards the environment. The holistic approach to learning goes hands in glove with the conscientious use of waste/biodegradable materials (readily available at home). The lively interactions with VIRI, the e-mentor is sure to add the much needed zing in your theory of everything!

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