Class 7

Class 7

  • Age appropriate
  • Uncommon Activities
  • Teacher-Learner friendly
  • Recyclable / Biodegradable materials are encouraged
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  • Content designed by highly experienced ( 15 year experienced) teacher of primary wing

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What All We Have For You – Physics

Students will be learning about measurement of temperature using laboratory and clinical thermometer. They will be gaining knowledge about heating and magnetic effects of current by making electromagnet. They will be having a better understanding about the properties of wind and air pressure. They will be able to know about different types of motion and properties of different types of mirrors and lenses too.

What All We Have For You – Chemistry

Students will be gaining the knowledge about how an indicator helps to identify the nature of a solution. They will be understanding the concept of acid-base reactions and learning about the identification of a chemical reaction. They will be learning the properties of soil i.e., percolation for water in soil, moisture in soil and water holding capacity of soil. They will also be acquiring the skill to compare the difference between the soil types based on these properties. Students will be gaining the knowledge of a chemical change, characteristics of a chemical reaction and identification of the nature of metal oxide. They will be learning about the reaction of limewater with carbon dioxide. They will be made aware about the distribution of water on the earth. They will be made familiar with groundwater concepts by viewing a model aquifer. They will be learning about the processes that take place at the wastewater treatment plant. They will be acquiring the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empower them to contribute to sustainable development.

What All We Have For You – Biology

The activities designed for understanding several chapters are actually very interesting which helps students to learn some basic but really important concepts of the curriculum. Also the chapters like Weather, Climate and Adaptations has activities which tells the basic concept of rain and the wind flow. The nutrition and transport in plants is also discussed in the activities given also the placards and collage making for understanding the crucial topics of the chapters. The activities are designed to kill the boredom and also to learn in any challenging adverse situations. The activities having pumping of the blood and also the need of better soil for the better growth of the plants. The need for the forest as our lifeline is also discussed in the upcoming activities. And not only these but the nutrition in animals and respiration in organisms is also interestingly discussed in these activities.

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